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1) Who is eligible to use First Responder Partnership Health Center (FRPHC)?

All NJ public employee first responders and dependents covered by their health insurance. Generally speaking, FRPHC is open to those who carry a badge or other public identification indicating their first responder status: including state, county, and local law enforcement, correction officers, fire fighters, EMTs, dispatchers, child protective case workers, and probation/parole officers. If we are not currently in network with your insurance plan, a discounted rate for services may be arranged. If you have any questions concerning eligibility, please call the FRPHC at 609-249-7073 and provide your employment information.

2) What are the services provided at FRPHC?

FRPHC provides robust, primary and urgent care services to all eligible first responders, as well as to their covered dependents. Well and sick visits are provided for patients ages two and older. In addition, lab services are also available. FRPHC's motto is "healthy minds and bodies" so we have integrated Behavioral Health services within our primary care setting. Behavioral Health counselors are readily available on-site at the FRPHC and via Telehealth/Telemedicine.

FRPHC's motto is "healthy minds and bodies" so we have integrated Behavioral Health services within our primary care setting. Behavioral Health counselors are readily available on-site at the FRPHC and via

3) What should I bring with me to my FRPHC?

You should bring your first responder official ID and your insurance ID card. For your convenience, we strongly encourage you to contact our office at 609-249-7073 to obtain pre-registration information. Establishing first responder eligibility beforehand will speed your way on the day of your appointment, as well as for others checking in for theirs.

4) What form of payment (if necessary) is accepted at FRPHC?

At this time, FRPHC is only accepting payment by credit card - Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

5) Am I required to receive any services at FRPHC?

Utilization of FRPHC services is completely voluntary. For those covered by the NJ State Health Benefits Plan
(SHBP), services at FRPHC are offered without co-pays, deductibles, or other out of pocket expenses.

6) What if the FRPHC does not accept my insurance?

The FRPHC has been working to arrange insurance coverage for New Jersey's first responders from major carriers who cover them. Please contact FRPHC to determine coverage status. If your plan is not currently accepted, a discounted rate for services may apply and will be due at the time of service. The FRPHC Billing office will then have your claim filed with your insurance carrier so the amount paid for services may be applied to your annual out of pocket deductible.

7) Does FRPHC replace my Primary Care Provider?

It is your choice as to whether you wish to designate our Medical Director as your primary care provider. One of the great strengths of First Responder Partnership Health Center is that all services are completely voluntary-no yearly commitments or program signups are required. We would like to win your confidence and become your go-to place for all primary care but it is always your choice to see our providers. We welcome you any time you want to seek best-practice healthcare.

8) What if I need a specialist for my condition?

FRPHC can provide concierge service to assist you in seeing specialist providers. State Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) members will be referred to in-network specialists. FRPHC staff is often able to get you an appointment more quickly than if you attempt to obtain a specialist appointment on your own.

9) Do I pay the specialist co-pay if FRPHC refers me to a specialist?

Yes, you will still pay a provider outside FRPHC any required co-pays.

10) Do I need to make an appointment at FRPHC?

Yes, appointments are usually provided the same day you call.

11) What staff will be supporting FRPHC?

FRPHC offers the services of a Board-Certified Family Physician, Practice Manager, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse Care Coordinator, Certified Medical Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurse, Psychiatrist, Licensed Behavioral Health Clinician, and a Chiropractor.

12) Will FRPHC providers treat me if I am in the hospital?

The FRPHC Medical Director will often have affiliation privileges at a local hospital for professional purposes but does not treat patients there. The hospital staff will provide the necessary treatment and provide medical information to FRPHC staff as appropriate.

13) Will FRPHC share my health information?

FRPHC staff values confidentiality and is governed by HIPAA requirements like any other provider or healthcare facility. FRPHC may obtain health related information from other authorized components of your healthcare plan but will not share patient-protected information with outside providers without your consent.

14) Can I use FRPHC for a minor work injury?

Treatment for all work-related injuries that occur on the job must follow your employer's current procedures. Treatment for such injuries cannot be handled by FRPHC apart from explicit approval from your employer's Workers Compensation program.

15) What if I have a true medical emergency?

If you believe you have a life-threatening medical emergency, you should go to the nearest Emergency Room (ER) for treatment. If you arrive at FRPHC and the medical providers evaluate a true emergency, they will send you to the nearest ER.